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Model C800 Conveyor-type Dishwasher


—Easy and ergonomic, brings higher efficiency

  • The compact structure minimizes the requirement of operating space.
  • Tank cover filter and screen basket of large volume make
    it easy to collect dirt and avoid frequent cleaning.
  • The wash and rinse arms can be taken out and inserted
    without tools to simplify cleaning.
  • Clear operating panel is easy to be operated and
    minimizes the requirement of training.
  • The digital temperature display makes it easy to monitor.
  • The inlet water pressure can be easily regulated by valve
    according to pipeline situation.
  • Automatic overflow function of wash tank brings easy
    drainage operation.


—Multi-protection design expands service life

  • Automatic stop feature of pump and drive motor avoids hot water splashing when door is opened during the
  • The drive motor with double protections makes safe
  • The float switch ensures reliable water level control to
    avoid dry heating.